How to do App Store Optimization (ASO) for you new Mobile App?

How to do App Store Optimization (ASO) for you new Mobile App?
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We all understand mobile apps as a need for modern daily life issues, and a resource that makes our lives comfortable. In general, it doesn’t take much decision making to download mobile apps for our devices; we visit the respective app store, search the service app and install it.

Sounds simple!

Like it seems so easy from a user’s point of view, it is more challenging for businesses to optimize their mobile app in the specific app store. After all the hard work in developing and releasing the new mobile app, we need to equally work for ranking the app in the app store search results.

Why is Optimizing Mobile Apps Important?

When we look at the app stores, there are around 2 millions mobile apps on Apple store and around 2.8 million apps on Google Play Store, which certainly creates high competition for new apps to get visibility. The more your app stays at the top, there is a high chance of interaction with the users. An effective mobile app SEO assist your new app with:

-High Ranking
-Generating Revenue
-Increased Reviews and Ratings
-Improved Visibility
-Large Downloads
-Better Conversion Rates

Important App Store Optimization Factors:

It’s all about app store algorithms. All mobile app stores have their own analysis to examine the app details and listing, and it accordingly assigns a number in its search results. Indeed, it uses keywords and other hidden factors to rank the app. It is not possible to know them all, though there are around 42 such factors!

Don’t worry, we have listed some of the integral factors that matter to rank high in the app stores below for your convenience:

-App Downloads
-User Experience
-App Revenue
-App Updates
-Retention Rate

Companies can also try in-app ad campaigns to improve their search result listing, but it will help you till the paid ads are running. For organic results, App Store Optimization or ASO provides impressive outcomes.

If you are a new app developer or a business looking to launch your mobile application on the app stores, the blog will immensely help you to learn the app marketing tactics and app store optimization strategies. Let’s get started!

Top App Store Optimization Tips:

#1 Improve Brand Awareness:

If we talk about app store trends and user behavior, people use less search terms to find services in the app stores; they directly type the app name or brand. Due to the pandemic, it is also observed in 2020, that people ignored several search terms like “travel” or “vacation” or “flights”. Importantly, they look for specific app names. Hence, in 2021, companies need to work on their brand awareness rather than targeting the general service phrases.

The traditional methods may not bring you the desired results; hence, it is intrinsic to build trust and gain loyalty. Highlight your brand name so users recognize you and download your mobile app.

#2 Keyword Research:

App store optimization keyword research is the beginning of the ASO. The step assists in finding the working keywords for our mobile app which would be used for the optimization process. Irrelevant keywords can lose you real user downloads and lead to marketing failure. Use keywords that suit your app services and features; it can be a single word or a phrase. For long-tail keywords, use commas for separation of words. This works perfectly for the Apple algorithm, which uses the different combinations of words.

#3 App Title and Description:

ASO most likely works as an SEO for mobile apps; therefore, use your brand name in title and app description for better search results. If you have a renowned brand name, the strategy will positively support you as an advantage over your competitors. In addition, companies with different apps under the same brand achieve more. Besides, don’t use repetition of keywords in title and subtitle as it will not add any extra effort for app visibility.

As tested, brand name with short descriptions assists in high conversion rate. For instance, “Gmail- Email by Google” or “Kormo- Jobs by Google” are a few app titles to observe and learn.

#4 Graphics And Visuals:

It is not only about the titles and descriptions, but also the app presentation that convinces a user to test a certain mobile app service. Attentive graphics hold importance in making an app successful; users consider different in-app graphics (icon, app images and screenshots) before clicking on the download button. It is one of the key elements that facilitate app store optimization. Many apps do use videos in the app listing for better user interaction.

#5 A/B Testing:

Every business looking for data driven app store optimization services, works with mobile app A/B testing. The data certainly facilitates understanding users’ behavior and using popular content. For genuine results, try out A/B testing for icons, app previews and app screenshots.

The goal is to cast a positive attraction on users in the first place; the initial impression makes the difference!

Last and Important:

App Store Optimization is a recurring process that needs continuous monitoring and maintenance. Keep an eye on the latest trends of popular app stores (Google Play Store and Apple App Store), and modify your strategies. Just remember that your competitors will too work on their app store optimization tools.

Besides, track your performance and work on the conversion rate to build loyal users!

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