What is the future: Web or Mobile App Development?

What is the future: Web or Mobile App Development? | Upcoming Trends in Web and Mobile App Development
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Websites have become a mandatory check for modern businesses. Once any business gets incorporated, they certainly look for the respective web domain and begin with the web and mobile app development. Businesses often implement these latest technologies to stay active in the industry. It is not only to agile the business operations, but it also provides diverse options to the consumers.

For instance, a consumer can review the product details on the online platform and directly book orders. They don’t even need to contact the company; everything is managed using the website.

With time, web development has been impressively stepping into another level. From a simple one-page website to using complex features (online payments, maps, useful plugins etc.), it has come so long.

Now, people have not even explored the complete web development services, but are already moving to mobile application development. Due to users’ high interest in the mobile apps, businesses are forced to adopt the new innovation.

Undoubtedly, both services are vying between the better and the best!

So, what’s the future, Web or Mobile App Development?

We need to agree that both technologies provide an effective user interface and comfortable user experience which is not an easy task. Hence, before we come to a conclusion, let’s learn what future trends and advancements will be used by both the services:

Future of Web Development:

1) Artificial Intelligence (AI):

AI will certainly make the modern system smart; it’s like having an improved IQ. The services aid to automate the different operations and reduce the manual business burden. Generally, Artificial Intelligence is termed as the future of web development. The benefits will certainly bring change and lead to new innovations such as voice search, machine learning, pattern recognition, in-depth learning, artificial neural network, computing and advanced cloud robotics. The technology will flourish the user experience more than we can ever expect.

2) Frameworks:

This is one of the imperative aspects that decide how the website will appear to the users. A good framework is something that is understandable by consumers even if they are not technically strong. With the growing business needs, advanced frameworks are intrinsic to fulfil users’ expectations. The purpose is to put the ideas into design.

3) Navigation:

In the future, people will definitely have no time to switch between different web pages to find information. Hence, developers are certainly coming with agile navigation features. Simple clicking icons and buttons will rule the web development. Single-tap purchase, reconfirming order, going back to product listing while making bids are some of the time savers.

4) One-page website:

We have already observed a significant change in web development from the last couple of years. From simple text-based websites to web pages with graphics and videos, the whole set-up has improved. The modern business services are precisely showcased in one page; all to-the-point information. Advanced web development is more likely to be a landing page than a four or five pages of website.

5) Chatbots:

This is one of the good examples of AI technologies. Many organizations have already implemented the service to communicate with the website visitors. The chatbots generally act as a customer support executive and assist the users with various queries. The system is so advanced that it gathers an existing client’s data in quick time, and assists them with the required queries. The technology immensely aids in customer satisfaction.

Future of Mobile App Development:

1) Internet of Things (IoT):

In today’s world, IoT is the trending technology that we cannot ignore. There are several ways that the Internet of Things and cloud computing can flourish app development. It is not untrue that we will experience smart cars, smart home appliances and smart machinery, and everything will be operated by users’ mobile devices. It is expected that IoT will play a major role in connecting different devices in real-time. The future apps will be more communication friendly and advanced!

2) Artificial Intelligence:

Generally, people use their mobile devices most of the time; for work (call, message, emails etc.) and in free time (chatting, gaming, music etc.). Similarly, mobile apps have become a need of users. There is a mobile app for everything such as shopping, food order, social networking etc. Likewise, the future will be interesting with AI technology. We have already observed the AI effect in today’s mobile app which includes Siri and Alexa. These are typical assistants which recognise and work on your voice instructions. Just imagine the future mobile apps full of AI integration!

3) Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality:

Just like AI, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality play a crucial role in the future of mobile app development. The innovation can be observed by Samsung Gear VR, Google Cardboard and the Pokemon Go game. The VR and AR technologies will certainly enhance the power and performance of mobile app development; especially for gaming, travel industry and live streaming events. This is just cheerful to think of your custom mobile app development using the technology.

4) Wearable Gadgets:

Have we ever imagined that a watch will lead us with various health statistics; in the technology era, anything can happen. With the help of mobile apps that connect with various gadgets to generate several health and physiology data is a pure example that signifies the bright mobile app future. Whether it is an Apple watch or a Fitbit, the technology effectively aids users in their day to day tasks.

5) Cross-platform technology:

Today, a mobile app development company needs to develop a mobile application for each platform separately. That means they need to invest time for android application development services and iOS app development variously. With the help of cross-platform, the same developed app will be used for multiple operating systems viz; Android, iOS, Windows etc. This would be a boon to the app developers and for the mobile app industry.

Hence, custom mobile application development for various platforms will be no sweat.


With the growing competition and business demand, organizations will keep on utilizing new trends to stay at the top. A responsive web design and developing web applications will certainly be used as the face of the business, whereas mobile application development will concentrate more to communicate with the consumers.

The future technologies and advancements in both characteristics will positively help businesses to grow and achieve their goals.

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