6 Common Web Development Myths You Need to Stop Believing

6 Common Web Development Myths You Need to Stop Believing | Web Development Myth Buster
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In the era where people are shifting their interest towards digitization and smart devices, many businesses are still not sure how web development services can support them in growing their revenue. A web development company is a resource that not only connects you with your clients digitally but also gains you returns with high traffic and makes user interaction fruitful.

As a web app development company, sometimes we face a few challenges in terms of client support and project instructions. Hence, we make sure to stay on the same page before beginning with the development services; a small discussion with the client certainly makes things clear.

Being in the industry for several years now, we also found out some client hesitations and myths that are spread in the industry about website development companies. As we all know myths are myths and they cannot be believed, but they surely put someone in doubt. Consequently, we have discussed some of the popular web development myths with reasons why not to believe them.

Stop Believing These 6 Web Development Myths


1) Web Development is easy as pie:

Really? Generally, people look at a website front end or visit a web page and find no complexity there. However, in reality, there is a lot going on in the backend. A good development takes precisely planned coding, use of third-party integration and different security elements. In addition, the development process makes sure to be compatible with different devices and screen sizes.

Due to the existence of template-based websites in the industry, people consider website development as an easy process. Working on the template-based website doesn’t require in-depth development knowledge; however, it limits your development requirement. One cannot even keep their own preferred date and time format on their website; you have to choose everything from the template.

Also, building a constructive single-page website for a company, it requires hundreds of hours to add different functionalities and have their work in there. It really takes serious concentration, discipline and skills to finish a web development project.

2) Let’s just start and add functionalities later:

Companies understand the need for web development for their business but don’t delve into it completely. These companies come up with a half plan and look to start with the development process without listing full functionalities that are to be used by the users. We need to understand each requirement before the beginning of the development process for a productive result.

Though many companies start with an MVP strategy, that is to obtain users’ feedback on their product and later launch the main mobile app with full functionalities; this is indeed an eminent business thinking. However, if you just casually start with the project (no research), it will certainly consume your more time and money.

Take your time, consult with the team, make your plans and start with the process.

3) Always work with a local company:

With the help of digitization, every individual and company is connected to the international market. It helps us to interact, learn and obtain different expertise that is available only at one corner of the world. If you are an app developer, you would know how developed nations like the US, Canada, Australia outsource their development work to Asian countries; not only because of low costs, but they provide quick service.

Now, if you hire a local company, you will still sit with them during the development process. The best that you can do here is to meet them or send instructions over the phone or by email. People who don’t accept digitization and modern technologies, support the misconception.

4) The website launch is the last step

Every website or mobile app development works on a pre-approved plan i.e. idea, design, development, testing and launch. This is the basic process that is known to most companies. Now, the launch isn’t the final step when it comes to web development; there are other factors involved too.

Like we all know, setting up any new venture isn’t a tougher job than making it running and getting the desired return. Similarly, companies need to monitor their quality, take care of the maintenance and be involved in marketing.

All these factors are key characteristics post web or app launch.

5) Build your own systems than using ready-made tools:

Technology is tremendously helping businesses to build their own digital products in a quick time. There are numerous ready-made digital tools that we can integrate into our system to meet our desired requirements. However, in the industry, there is a misinterpretation of the use of these pre-built resources. Many companies unnecessarily invest time in developing functionalities that are already winning the industry.

For instance, if you are looking to have a GPS system in your digital products, it is eminent to use Google Maps than building your own maps. Like this, there are several best ready-made products which we can trust blindly.

6) Developers can take care of everything on their own:

You are the best who understands your business and clients. Consequently, a company is an utmost thinker that can list all the requirements that are to be handled for their users. Whereas our development team can only bring it to reality.

You are the imperative person to decide the elements and strategies for your project. Discuss the subject matter with your development team, and proceed with the correct wireframe, platform and design. Coordination will certainly reduce your development cost and have it live faster. It’s not just paying, but also taking part in the process.

To Conclude:

It is only worrisome and unproductive to believe in myths, as you are wasting time in finding logic and researching. Web development isn’t that complicated as we see it from the outside. One can certainly understand the different processes involved and have it done without any trouble. What we need is the best web development company.

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