React Native iOS & Android Apps for UNICEF

Grey Chain supported Oky from being just an Android app to extend it to Apple iOS platform, so that it is accessible by more girls and use its free services for its gamified period tracking platform.

With a 2 year support model, Grey Chain is a multi-year partner with UNICEF to think about release & maintenance strategies as well as deliver future versions of the app.


Open Source with intelligent prediction engine & custom CMS

Oky is built on an open-source framework and white labelled code is available via publicly accessible Github repository.

The goal of this product is not only to help girls track their period but also be able to learn coding and build their own apps and become successful app entrepreneurs.

The whole codebase is available and maintained in the repository free of cost to anyone who is looking to learn coding and build another similar app. Since the code is for a white labelled version, any one can add new branding and launch it as a new platform.

Themes, Offline & Online and text to speech and data privacy

With strong focus on user privacy and data security, Oky has a Robust Microsoft Azure hosted backend with features available both in Online and Offline mode (syncs when network is available).

It has a custom theming engine to suit each user’s need and an end to end text to speech engine for higher accessibility.


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Available on both Apple & Android store, Oky is a free to download app.

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