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Native iOS & Android apps for latest news on the go. Developed on Swift and Kotlin, the native framework allows high performance for seamless content delivery. The news mobile app has unique features like Cut Short, a fast way to get up to date on the latest news by swiping through short news snippets.

Crafted for the Indian news audience, it has integrated analytics for personalised content and custom deep-linked notifications based on user settings.



Access latest news on the go, with customizable notifications for specific categories



Fast news delivery and access feature for users to catch up on all the days news in a minute!


Multi-Lingual News

Available in 3 languages - English, Hindi & Punjabi. The apps are built to reach the billion people across India.



Ability to save news for reading later and also access them quickly across multiple devices.

From Idea to UX to
Native Apps

True Scoop is a very successful news agency with a reach of over 500k views per month. The team at True Scoop reached out to Grey Chain to develop a concept for helping them reach Millions of news consumers across India and the world.

From just an idea, our UX Practice worked with the client to think through all the key features which will make it easy for users to access True Scoop news on the go and hence increasing the reach of True Scoop News.

With the power of Native Technology, a local database based architecture has been developed in the app, in order to ensure ZERO perceived load time!

The news syncs up in the background and is available and loaded from the local device database. This increases perceived performance for the user.


Tune in to Daily

Integrated with a custom backend for uploading streaming audio content, True Scoop apps delivers Audio Podcasts for thousands of users tuning in daily to listen to entertainment, political, latest, breaking, sports and lifestyle news.

Users get notified for latest podcasts and news, which can be accessed from a dedicated notifications hub.

Podcast list

Have anger issues? Tune in to daily podcast with host Parinaa
20m ago
18 : 36
Virat & Anushka announced the news of their first child.
2h ago
18 : 36
Goody Good Talk. EP. 02
3h ago
18 : 36

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