What is the development cost for Food Delivery App?

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Online food order and delivery is one of the growing amenities and popular services used by the people nowadays. The second wave of novel coronavirus has again started disturbing the lives of people. Everyone is spending most of the time at home; work from home and online study is the new culture that we have already adopted. Like other services, our families prefer to order food online than going out in public.

Besides, food delivery app development has brought a tremendous change to the regular dining system. Every restaurant and take in food service is listed online and offers food delivery services. Consequently, anyone can order their favorite food from home using the respective food delivery app.

Similar to other on-demand apps such as banking apps, telemedicine apps, grocery apps etc., food delivery apps have become an intrinsic mobile app for the public. The mobile application can be easily found in everyone’s mobile devices.

As reported in a recent survey, an average person in the US spends around USD 230 per month to order food online!

Honestly, food delivery apps have given a push to the on-demand mobile app development. Before the implementation, we could have never imagined of using our mobile phone applications to get food delivered at home.

So, how does food ordering app development work and how much does it cost to develop basic food delivery apps?

If you are a food chain business such as a restaurant, hotel, food supply, or carry a fruitful food business idea, then a food order mobile app will certainly support you to grow your sales.

In this blog, we will discuss some key elements of food ordering apps. Let’s start with understanding the top things that we need to conclude before beginning with the food delivery application.

1) Users and Market:

It is integral to understand our audience and market for the mobile application. As per the food delivery boundaries and capabilities, we need to review our target audience. For instance, independent working professionals, students, and other busy people can be termed as effective prospects for our food business.

2) Use of Technology:

App development is a vast concept. There are different technologies which take us through the app development such as PHP, Ruby or someone may use the latest Flutter system. It is essential to choose the correct medium as per our mobile application development needs. Besides, it is equally important to choose the best app platform i.e. android, iOS, native or hybrid.

Similarly, it becomes imperative to select the best UI and UX for the food app to provide a user-friendly and comfortable app experience to our users.

3) App features:

There has to be something which makes us special and unique from your competitors. To build a successful food delivery mobile app, we need to add important and helpful features for our users. If in doubt, we can positively check our competitors’ app and make a list accordingly. Some of the important food app features can be summarized as:

  • Dedicated user account
  • Order history
  • E-wallet
  • Real time order tracking
  • Push notifications
  • Easy payments

4) Third-party integration:

These are helpful tools which reduce the efforts of a developer while building an app. Moreover, it takes no time to configure the third-part features with the mobile app. Hence, with third-party integration, we get effective support and advancement without investing time to develop it. For instance, in food delivery apps, if we are assisting clients with real time order tracking, we can simply use google maps. Likewise, there are many payment gateways, security setup and other features.

So, what does a food delivery app development cost?

Now that we know about the key components of food delivery app development, let’s understand the rough rates of different categories:

Generally, a regular food delivery app with basic UI and UX, and general features cost around USD 10,000 to USD 12,000.

Whereas, the food ordering mobile application with advanced features, custom UI/UX, various integrations, push notifications etc. takes around USD 15000 to USD25000.

Besides, a complex food delivery app with high-tech features such as audio-video, real time tracking, database, third party APIs, and others, cost more than USD 25,000.

Relating to your budget and the mobile app functionalities, you can select a reliable on demand app development company for your project. A constructive mobile application development technology consists of a dependable team which includes:

  • Ui/UX designers
  • App developers
  • Quality testing professionals
  • Project Manager
  • Backend developer

On average, app development companies charge around USD 25 to USD 45 per hour, and it takes around a total of 4-5 months to complete the project.

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